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The Biscuit Barrel
Filled with delicious Ficcy Biccies
Dear lord, two posts in two days.

First is of Remus, in a scarf. Like the Ginny one I posted a while back. Young Remus, that is.

And the second, is of Bella. Young, teen Bella. In some sort of witchy-dress type thing, and a hat. Just an ink though. A lazy, purple ink.

First time inking using pen tool in Photoshop, bleh. It's going to take some practice/getting use to before I produce anything bordering on good with it.

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Warning, it is kinda big.

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 You have a female original character, and you get labeled as a 'tard, incompetent writer, or your fanart gets disregarded. Just LOL. 

It's ridiculous how automatically everyone assumes an FOC to be a Mary-Sue, and though I must admit alot of them are, that doesn't mean all of them are. I'd probably be able to stand it if people read the fic/checked the story behind the pic and actually study how the character behaves and acts and then say, 'hey, this is a Mary-Sue, because of this this and this, and this is how you can change it' etc. but it seems to be that in the fandom if you have an OC, especially an FOC, that everyone will just discard your work.
Its laughable that people believe that you can't write a decent, well-characterized fic if you have an OC in it. It seems everyone assumes that if you have an OC in a pic, all the canon characters will be dreadfully out of character and the OC will totally screw up canon. 

Anyway, enough of this babbling.
I need to put some half decent fanart up or else I'll be driven insane.
I've got absolutely nothing that I'm happy with on here.
I need to get this journal going with fics and pics and whatnot. Time to get sketching some delicious Potti goodness~
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Here's some pappy fanart, I felt like putting up. =)

First, a quick little gift for the dear 

To say thanks for all the awesome fics she's written for me so far (she writes L/R so PERFECTLY. ) and fingers crossed she writes me another for my birthday, haha! Only joking, she doesn't have to write me anymore.
In fact I actually owe her several. =/ 
Sorry the pics not much D=
Time taken 46 mins, drawn freehand in Flash.
It says to Miss.Moony, haha. I'll probably get slapped for that.
(On this one can you tell me if their skin has a green tinge to it? =/)

Second one, just a quick doodle of Ginny. In a scarf. Go me.

Third, I deserved to be slapped for, is baby Orion. Trying to turn Kreacher's stool into a toad. He only gets half way there. Bless him.
He turned out exactly how I wanted him =)

WARNING, the images are biiiiiiiiiiiiiig 
EDIT: I sized them down a bit. =)



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....Really I couldn't. 
As soon as I posted the Leo character review, I just had to do one for our dear Vlad. Vlad is not meant to be a serious character, when the idea for him first arose it was just meant to be a joke; but I really enjoyed filling out the sheet with him and padding out his story. Didn't put as much detail into this one, and there will be quite a few more errors too, since I came up with this quite quickly. Anyway, here it is, and tell me if you think there's anything that needs some tweaking.

And that's it for Vlad! Any other ideas/tips for tweaking would be appreciated, thanks =)

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 I should have probably done this is a while ago, since I've Leo as a HPOC for quite a while now. I decided to do a character review. I was worried about the originality of the character, so I put alot of detail into the review. I was hoping for some feedback, so please tell me if you notice any errors, or Leo's in danger of Sue-dom, or anything else you think is in need of tweaking. =) Just to warn you, it is rather long.

And that's it for now, 'till the tweaking is done. An comments would be appreciated thanks. =)

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Hey! New here, but I've already got a lot of things to say and a lot of stuff to post XDXD Get ready for a mob-wave of angsty poetry, mad fic, odd songs, and lots of little doodles! XDXDXD 

I hope to post here quite often, and usually entries will be a lot longer and have more substance than this one, but this is just to start the ball rolling XDXDXD

Anyway, not much else to add at the moment, so I guess I'll just post later! XD

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